Should I Rip Out My Old Tub?

Mountain Remodeling of WNC focuses on bathroom renovation with you in mind to suit your needs.  Whether that’s an update to outdated bathroom fixtures, a brand new bathroom in an addition, or a complete rethinking of your bathroom layout to ensure it works for aging in place and all phases of life.

The answer to the question is, yes!  Don’t wait any longer to start your bathroom renovation.


Your new bathroom will be rebuilt from the ground up. Remodeling a bathroom represents a new chapter in the relationship you have with your home. It is the most personal room in your home and because of that, we design it to be truly customized to your needs. Whether you want to disappear from the world for a few moments to relax to a new master bath or the high-traffic powder room is worn down or you are ready to wow your guests with a beautiful bathroom for their stay, we’ve got the solution for your project.


Perhaps you may want to get rid of the huge tub in favor of a family-sized, double-headed shower. Perhaps you’re tired of sharing one sink and you want an upgrade to a double vanity. The options are enormous, including new high-performance fixtures that make for quicker everything in your bathroom; or low-flow fixtures to help conserve water; space-saving toilets; and heated flooring that makes North Carolina winters all that much more comfortable.  Our bathrooms take on a whole new feel because they discreetly come together in a beautiful design that is modernized and functional.


Design your new bathroom using amazing colors, beautiful tile selections, modern fixtures, and stunning lighting design–anything you can imagine to customize your bathroom and give it the style you’ve always wanted.  We’ll help you navigate all the choices including glass shower enclosures, custom cabinetry to maximize storage, and decorative finishes. We have the relationships with the craftsmen and suppliers for all the best products at the price point that matches your budget.

Pictures of Bathroom Renovations


What We’re Working On

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Trenching for New Power Line

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Framing the New En Suite

In general, bathroom renovations are rarely just updates to the fits and finishes of the bathroom.  Tastes change in the cosmetic details, but so do the needs.  As recently as 10 years ago, many

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Tearing Out the Patio

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How to Get Started with a Renovation Project

You’ve made the decision to renovate your home. Share your renovation ideas with the trusted professionals at Mountain Remodeling of Western North Carolina. We’ll help you understand the process of making your ideas a reality and discuss how we respect your budget, your time, and most of all, your hopes and dreams for your renovated home.

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