Back in Weaverville on the job site we are finishing up the prep work for the installation of an outdoor kitchen.

We first had to prepare for decommissioning the old septic tank and removing it. You can not build a new foundation over an existing septic system. There are several reasons for this, but chiefly because the ground wouldn’t be stable enough and you need access to the tank. You can’t cover up a septic tank with new structure. This can be a common mistake less experienced builders fall into making. Knowing the location of your septic tank before you start making any plans for additions to your home is key. Even for decks, you should consider having proper access to the septic for maintenance. A new septic tank will be installed in a different location.

Next, we graded the dirt where the foundation was going to be poured and finally today, we poured the new concrete. After ensuring it’s level, the concrete will be left to cure in the wooden forms and we’ll be ready to start building up soon.  We enjoyed another day of good weather in Western North Carolina, so the concrete should setup just fine.

Removing an old septic tank in Weaverville, NC
Grading work for the foundation of the new outdoor kitchen
New slab foundation for the outdoor kitchen

The new outdoor kitchen will be accessible through the 12-foot automated door we added to the exterior, which we previously shared an update on.