The picture of the day from the jobsite today is of us excavating for a small concrete patio at the Sondley Estates project add a Conservatory.
We are nearing the end of the Sondley Estates project. The framing is complete and the sheathing board is up. The new roof framing is in and the roof paper has been installed. We’ll be shingling soon to merge the old section of the roof with the new addition. Our goal is to always make the old match the new so that it looks as if the addition was always there.

Today we’re working on pouring the concrete pad just outside of the double French doors of the conservatory. We’re using some dirt excavators today to ensure everything is dug out properly and to prepare the small patio. This is an important step especially when building in Western North Carolina. You can have pretty big temperature shifts and you want the base of any concrete patio to be deep enough so that you won’t have heaving from the frost.