From new floors to lighting to appliances, a new kitchen gives you all the personal touches to make your new space just that…yours. A new kitchen has new storage, new lighting and the chance to experience unbelievable detail with new custom cabinetry, flooring and colors to brighten every day.  We’ve put together this list of items everyone should be considering when thinking about renovating their home in Western North Carolina.

Countertops and Cabinets

The two surfaces with the most visibility in your new kitchen are the countertops and the cabinets. This is why we spend lots of time working with our clients to help them make the best choice.  Their are practical considerations like durability and cost.  When we work with clients, we help them to manage what parts of their budget to splurge on that will have the highest impact without compromising incredible design and style.


Your choice of appliances is going to be critical since these are what get the job done in the kitchen!  The selections and choices have expanded significantly over the last decade.  Appliances that were once just used by professionals are now accessible for the home market.  Styles choices abound as well from futuristic to retro.  For avid bakers, baking stations have become common as have coffee stations.

Color & Design

Aesthetics matter, the look of your new kitchen is what gives it the feel that it is YOUR space. The right color sets the tone for the day as the family prepares for theirs. The design and layout help you move through the preparation of large holiday meals down to simple snacks or a late-night cup of warm milk or tea.  These are important details for functionality and for overall enjoyment